Once upon a time…The secret to telling your brand's story.

Charlotte Nichols

In the past people worked with their hands, the technological revolution has seen people work with their heads. The future belongs to the heart and what better way to reach it than through telling your brand’s story. This seminar will help you learn how to reach the hearts and minds of your customers to ensure that you are their number one choice when they make a buying decision.

Founder of Harvey & Hugo, Charlotte Nichols has over 15 years of PR expertise and is dedicated to building lovable and memorable brands, one story at a time. Passionate about the science behind building businesses, Charlotte has worked with global construction companies to unicorn tech companies to help them develop their brand stories. Education is really important to her and she also owns PR and marketing training academy Hugoversity.

Communicating purpose through branding (connecting with audiences in a meaningful way).

Mandy Barker

Your brand is not a logo. It's a promise to stand for something, create the best product and do better business. It's an opportunity to communicate meaningfully with audiences, collaborators and competitors. If you find your purpose, you find your audience.
In this seminar Mandy will focus on strategies to bring this to life.

Mandy is founder of Sail Creative, and a branding designer focusing on story-led solutions. Mandy built Sail to collaborate directly with clients and audiences to find design solutions that are relevant and meaningful. With experience spanning the corporate, non-profit and culture sectors; Sail create relevant projects through branding, campaign work, narrative and experiences.

How To form a Successful Team

Rafe Parker

In this seminar Rafe gives you the tools to understand how your employees think, and the key things you need to give them to ensure they are motivated to perform and deliver results.

Rafe started his working life as a nightclub DJ and radio presenter. From here he identified an opportunity to supply to the late night industry and, as a result, created his first business at 24 years old. From here Rafe went on to manage radio stations for one of the UK's biggest radio owners and then spent 7 years in management for one of the world's largest private companies. Throughout his career Rafe has aided the development of countless employees, many of whom have gone on to considerable success in their own right. Now Rafe continues to develop our next generation of leaders through training for organisations and mentoring individuals within them.

How to make your readers BUY your stuff

Alex Thompson

Do you wish more people would buy your stuff or use your service?

That's a silly question, right? Of course you do!

So what would you say if I told you there was an easy way to increase the likelihood your reader will do this?

You'd be interested in that, wouldn't you?

Effective copywriting turns words into profits. In this session, I will teach you tried and tested copywriting techniques that you can apply to your own website immediately that will dramatically increase the likelihood your reader will buy what you are selling.

Alex is an award-winning copywriter, specialising in direct-response copywriting and website copy that converts. An accredited Blackford Centre Approved Copywriter, Alex has a strong foundation in classic direct-response copywriting techniques.

His company, ACT Copywriting, helps scale-ups and SMEs find the right words to improve their website copy and promotional material.



Measuring Things Worth Measuring: The Impact of Digital PR

Lauren Regan

Likes, shares and views are great, but do they keep the lights on? Discover how digital PR can have a tangible impact on your business and why investing online can drive much more than numbers on a screen. We’ll discuss what true measurement of digital impact looks like and how a creative and curious approach can help you reach your goals in 2022.


Five easy to use Marketing Strategies that will help you attract more customers and double your profits.

Ford Henderson

Marketing’s real Job is to get results. In this punchy session I will share five proven strategies that will have a dramatic impact on your business and that you can use when you get back to your office.

Ford Henderson has been on your side of the desk. He has started and grown successful businesses to seven figure turnover organisations and knows exactly what it’s like to face the challenges of building a successful small business.
His marketing programmes and strategies are based on his experience and are practical solutions that any small business can apply.
As a consultant, trainer and published author he has worked with many business owners one to one to help increase sales and income.
If you are an ambitious business owner, you may feel you might benefit from my personal help and guidance. My more clients marketing and business growth programmes are designed for independent business owners to accelerate the growth of their business month in and month out.


Putting the Social back into Social Media .

Ellie Rees

1. Collaboration
Networking is important to help businesses grow, in terms of online, collaborations can help expand your audience and reach. One main reason to collaborate is to introduce your business to a whole new set of people. Social media is all about collaboration whether that be working with social influencers, bloggers, other local businesses, events etc. Find out how to get the most out of your online collaboration’s, how to pitch for collaborations and how to cross-promote with another brand.

2. Engagement
Social media has become a fundamental platform to increase brand awareness and create a strong business presence. The meaning of the word ‘social’ itself suggests there is a conversational element and is part of a two-way process. Social media engagement is the new marketing tool all businesses need to buy into.

3. Content
Quality content is key, social media content is an integral part of any marketing strategy. We’ll be looking into the 5 key objectives of any piece of content. By focusing on sharing quality content, a business can achieve much greater things.

4. Video
Video is the best type of content to help you engage, entertain and inform your audience. From video posts, live streams, IGTV, YouTube, Instagram Stories and more. This section will be a mini masterclass on how to use video more effectively in your marketing strategy.

Ellie has over 6 years’ experience in marketing and specialises in Social Media Digital Marketing. Ellie founded Collab Media in 2016 while studying Brand Management at UCLan. Collab Media is a 24/7 Social Media marketing consultancy based at the heart of the North East. Collab Media’s mission is to help independent businesses build an online presence and help create brand awareness through the use of social media and blogs.

Ellie also owns a successful lifestyle blog which has a readership of over 250,000 and has a significant online following on social media and is regarded as a social influencer, nationally and in the North East network. Ellie is also the founder of Women in Collaboration which is a networking event for women in business. WIC monthly evening meetings are free are hosted in a laid-back environment in a different venue every month across Teesside.

The Antidote to Motivation.

Dr Will Baldry

Motivation is big business. It's by far the most popular topic for speakers. Enterprising folks are constantly bombarded with tips, tricks and techniques for achieving this most-sought-after state of mind.

Most of us who work for ourselves will have devoted considerable time and effort towards trying to 'get motivated'.

That can be a tricky thing, however, in the real world. The rush of energy you felt after watching that great motivational speaker probably only lasted a day or two, and no matter how important our goals are, we'll all have our off-days. It turns out that motivation is unpredictable, unreliable, and sometimes even works against the completion of our most important projects.

In The Antidote to Motivation, Dr Will Baldry explains a different, more reliable, way to get things done. You'll learn how to get off the motivation rollercoaster and stop relying on an unpredictable emotional state for productivity & success. You'll learn how to make consistent progress on the projects that matter the most, even when you're not feeling particularly pumped-up & 'motivated'.

We'll also break down some common myths around motivation and learn when it's the right time to tap into that emotional resource, and - crucially - when it's not.

Will Baldry is a speaker, writer and hypnotist. Having spent many years as an entertainer, performing a stage hypnosis & mentalism act, he now brings skills and insights from that world into the arena of personal development. As the founder of Dr Will Baldry's Courageous, Will is now focused on taking an evidence-based, results-driven approach to the key areas of behaviour change & stress reduction.

Create content that converts.

Ellen Forster

Social media, blogging, newsletters, landing pages, lead magnets... all of these can be a great way to market your business and generate leads, but how do you know which is right for you? And where do you start with content marketing? Join Ellen for a talk about creating content that will turn your target audience into your biggest fans.



Social Media Marketing - A Practical Hands On Workshop

Tristan Griffiths

When not delivering high level, life changing strategy for clients. he is responsible for motivating & inspiring the team, customer and suppliers as well as driving the agency forward, by empowering everyone to perform at their best, and encouraging them to utilise their own unique talents.

Tristan selfishly wants to help everyone!

Discover how to generate 20X your traffic by using Google

David Johnson

Wouldn’t it be great if someone explained SEO in a way everyone could simply understand. In this session David will share in 40 minutes easy to follow hints and tips that you can use straight away to improve your SEO and he will show you -

How to start generating MORE LEADS for your business
How you can put simple measures in place to improve the number of enquiries your business receives and how you can reach out to more of your ideal customers
He will cover the importance of SEO and how you can lose customers if the performance of your website is not up to scratch.
Discover the power of Google my Business and why you MUST take advantage of it

Since 2011, David has built two businesses, spent time learning, watching the changes in the world, spent time in schools talking to children and kept to speed with changes in SEO and Google.

In 2016, he created Loud Crowd marketing agency, specialising in help companies and business owners capture the power of Google and utilise it to help them grow their organisations.

Based in Doncaster in South Yorkshire, married to Erika and enjoys cycling.



How to Franchise Your Business

Mashud Choudhury

In this seminar Mashud will take you through how to understanding how you can franchise your business and the process you need to complete to be ready to go to market and recruit franchisees.

Senior Franchise Consultant at The Franchise Company. The Franchise Company has over 120 years in-house franchise experience. Established in 1991, we are British Franchise Association (BFA) Affiliated franchise consultants, with extensive franchise and licensing expertise. We’ve worked with businesses both in the UK and internationally, helping them develop and implement their franchising and licensing strategies. This includes franchise development, franchise value proposition modelling, franchise marketing, franchise operations manuals, franchisee recruitment and social franchising for the Not for Profit sector. We work with businesses to help them systemise and document their working processes and to develop operations manuals. I have over 20 years’ experience in a franchising and marketing environment working within different types of businesses throughout the UK and abroad. Industries include professional services, retailing, food sector, construction, manufacturing, renewable energy, home services, membership organisations etc. I am also a registered franchise consultant with the European Bank of Regional Development (EBRD) and a Member of the Institute of Directors .

Ensuring returning to the office is a success.

Alison Reynolds

As we edge back towards some normality, and you think about when, if and how to return to the office, let Alison help you ensure it’s a success. She will take you through some considerations as you weigh up the pros and cons of continuing to work remotely, returning fully or some sort of hybrid and leave you with five tips to ensure your decision is a success.

With twenty years HR experience; Alison is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, a certified Myers Briggs practitioner, and qualified in both HR and the psychology of change. She’s worked with a range of SMEs of all sizes and delivered a variety of people projects including HR department set up, culture change, teambuilding, restructuring and leadership development and large scale relocations. Having been employed at executive level, she has a strong commercial awareness and understands the need to add value in ways that have a positive impact on productivity, gross margin and the bottom line.

How to Build an Awesome LinkedIn Profile, Grow Your Network and Make More Money.

Jeff Brown

In this seminar Jeff will cover –

*7 Steps to Building an Awesome LinkedIn Profile
*How, When and What to Post on LinkedIn
*Using Hashtags to Gain More Likes, Shares and Followers
*Going Viral - Hacking the LinkedIn Algorithm to Your Advantage
*How to Become a Person of Influence on LinkedIn
*Why You Need to Be Using LinkedIn Company Pages and NOT Your Website.

Best Selling LinkedIn Author and Influencer working with clients in over 20 countries worldwide.

Author of 2 Amazon Best Selling LinkedIn Success Books with a personal following of over 25,000 and a LinkedIn LIVE Profile, Jeff take the mystery out of the platform and helps users understand how to utilise LinkedIn to build and grow a wealth network of clients.

Did you know that LinkedIn is in the top 25 most visited websites in the world and was purchased by Microsoft for a cool $26.2 billion in 2016. Would Microsoft commit that much money into the platform if it didn’t see the huge potential for its future?

LinkedIn has over 660 million current users worldwide, and an overall user goal of 3 billion as its plans for growth and expansion continues, but best of all 50% of all B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions, if you’re not using LinkedIn you could be missing out on a goldmine of potential clients.