Below is a snapshot of just some of the NE Expo exhibitors – Spring 2024

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Casper Logistics

We are an award-winning international freight forwarder based at Newcastle airport.
Previously Camair, we rebranded to Casper Logistics in 2017 as part of the Casper Holding Group, which are one of the UK’s leading independent logistics, port agencies and marine service companies.
We provide a huge range of logistical services including imports and exports across all modes of transport, Customs clearance, Dedicated/groupage deliveries, Out of Gauge solutions, Transit and chamber documents.
We have accounts with all major airlines and shipping lines and a network of peers to provide worldwide coverage.
Our approach to Logistics is that we are Always On.

The Fed

The Fed is one of Gateshead’s most iconic venues. Formerly The Lancastrian Suite, the venue has recently been refurbished, looking sensational and has relaunched as ‘The Fed’. Creating an exciting new event space with capacity for up to 1000 guests.
We are the perfect venue for dinners, weddings, award ceremonies and conferences. We are looking forward to introducing a wide range of entertainment from renowned DJ’s, celebrity acts, live bands, tribute nights, stand-up comedy along with hosting sporting events.

Unisus Wellbeing

Unisus wellbeing services are designed to support positive mental health in local communities by providing therapy services for individuals and employees of businesses to improve mental health. We also provide training courses to increase knowledge of mental health conditions in the workplace and to provide your employees with the tools to manage these.

Poor mental health is costing businesses £45 billion a year and our services are designed to help you manage and reduce employee absence and the impact of poor mental health in the workplace.

The Media Network

Connected multi-channel media strategies that join the dots. Based in North East England, we’re one of the UK’s top independent media agencies, specialising in joining the dots between TV and Digital Media.
We achieve measurable and defined growth for our clients through building bespoke media strategies that effectively target the right audiences at the right time, and with the right message, working alongside our specialist in-house Analytics team to develop measurement frameworks that extract the right data every step of the way. We plan and buy media in the UK & Worldwide.


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Facebook Advertising 101: How to build a strategy that works for your business

Will Page & Emma Chilton

In this session Will and  Emma will give an overview of how to build a successful Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy in 2023. This session will outline how to plan successful social media strategies that deliver on business objectives, including setting those objectives, leveraging current best practice and the Meta algorithm to drive performance, audience & creative strategy, measurement, and optimisation. The seminar will provide a broad overview of social media advertising techniques that can be applied for both B2C and B2B businesses looking to grow with social media advertising.

Will has over a decade of experience in social media, working on advertising for some of the world’s largest businesses in network agency, independent agency and client-side roles. An expert in Facebook and Instagram ads, Will has created industry-leading data-driven strategies across a wide range of verticals, racking up over £50m+ ad spend on the platform in the process. His current role is Head of Digital for The Media Network, an independent media agency based in North Shields.

Emma is a social media expert with background in building best-in-class campaigns that deliver results, both for large global businesses and SMEs. Highly experienced in maximising performance from Facebook and Instagram ads, Emma has worked across a vast range of businesses in network agency and independent agency roles. She currently leads the social media team at The Media Network in her role as Paid Social Manager.

Getting Organised for Business Success

Lesley Renwick

Are some people born lucky?

How is it some people can start a business and it just rockets from day one? Then others, with equally good ideas and skills, find it a hard slog to get any traction?

Is it just luck?

No, it is much more than just luck. What is luck anyway? This is my take on it.


In this workshop I’ll show you how to organise your business for success using the Power of Three.

First, I’ll share THREE key measures you need to know to put your business on the road to success.

Second, we’ll look at the THREE key drivers that must be in place to build a successful business.

Third, I’ll give you THREE takeaway tips you can implement in your business immediately to give your business a boost.

Then using the Power of FREE, I’ll give you a bonus worth £350. A deep dive one-to-one session where we talk about your business, what might be blocking your success and even more tips to get you on the right road.

Lesley Renwick is an entrepreneurial Business Growth Consultant, with five live businesses currently. Her twin passions are education and enterprise because both have the power to change lives. And that’s what she does best – changing lives by helping people start, run and build successful businesses that gives them the life they envisioned when starting their business. She’s helped thousands of students and business owners achieve their ambitions, that’s what gives her the greatest buzz of all. Making a difference to people’s lives.
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Stand up and be Counted!

Chamber of Commerce

A great opportunity to network in a structured way by standing up and introducing yourself.

How To Create Scroll-Stopping Content That Has Your Dream Buyers Flocking To You

Billy Bone

In this session discover how to craft content that instantly grabs your dream buyer's attention! In this talk, we'll dive into:
The psychology behind scroll-stopping content
Merging data with creativity to reach your target audience
Strategies to convert 3-second views into lasting customer loyalty

Discover how to grab the attention of your ideal customers in a world full of distractions.


The Clarity Quest: Breathe life into your valuable ideas

Ann English

Overwhelmed with ideas? Searching for a sense of purpose? Struggling with negative self-talk and imposter syndrome? – Let Ann guide you on the quest to create clarity and equip you with the Roadmap to transform your ideas into realty. Discover how to navigate roadblocks so you can take impactful action to realise your dreams.

Ann is a Visual Communications expert, TEDx Speaker and Author of The Clarity Quest Ideasbook, a guided journal to breathe life into your valuable ideas. She believes in the benefits of putting pen to paper to tap into your imagination and unlock your childlike curiosity by daydreaming and doodling.

With her business Create Intrigue, Ann helps you to visually communicate what you think, say and do through:
• VisionMapping Coaching: captures ideas as a VisionTree to grow your business and SignatureSystem to build your brand.
• VisualDoodle Technique: visualises your story and customer journey as a VisualDoodle roadmap, promo image and video.
• Visual Marketing Academy: learn how to present your brand, products and services professionally and apply the silent sales strategies big brand use to create intrigue, engage customers and boost sales.


Agency Secrets Revealed: Tips to Improve Your Google Ads

Michael Knowles

Michael’s seminar will break down PPC (pay-per-click) advertising for businesses to better understand - what it is, the processes, its advantages, and some agency top tips on maximising your search budget and eradicating waste.

The talk will highlight and demonstrate best practices for effectively managing search and display campaigns. It will help you to ensure that Google is kept at bay and not allow it to incorrectly serve ads to irrelevant audiences, overspend and ultimately underdeliver on results. It will also touch on the importance of website tracking through Google Analytics for accurately evaluating a business's true online performance.


Michael is the Founder and Managing Director of ROAR Digital Marketing. He has previously worked as a Google Skills Trainer and Google Speaker, as well as previously being a Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University.

Michael is passionate about creating online opportunities for businesses to grow online through strategic search engine marketing. He and the ROAR team have worked with global clients in various industries, including recruitment, finance, manufacturing, insurance, and tech.

It’s not all about the Money!

Alan Metcalfe

In this seminar, Alan will discuss areas where you, the employer can take direct action to recruit and retain the right staff without paying inflated salaries. He will cover the market as it is now for both employers and candidates, and what your current workforce is looking for.

Alan Metcalfe , a time served Engineer has spent the last 25 years in the recruitment sector and is passionate- about employee/employer engagement . Alan is also Vice Chair of the Advanced Manufacturing, and Chairs South Tyneside Chamber of Commerce. During his time in recruitment, Alan has never seen the candidate market as it is currently, with recruitment and retention being in the top three employer challenges.

How to use AI tools to help create your content.


Louise Williamson

From ideation to implementation… in this session Louise will talk you through creating your social media content, and how to use AI tools to make the creation quicker and easier.

With (too) many years of employed experience behind her, Louise stepped into the world of self-employment in 2018. Allowing for some much needed flexibility, she began working as a freelance administrator/Virtual PA for small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. This naturally morphed into a role that required a level of support within the digital marketing space for many of her clients. As a result, Louise has spent time honing her skills, experience and knowledge and now provides clients with support relating to social media (strategy and content creation), and email marketing.


How to reach your audience via Advertising Platforms

Leeanne Coatman

This seminar will take you through the various advertising opportunities to grow your business and show you how to reach your desired target audience with both audio and outdoor, locally, regionally, and nationally.

Global Media – The UK and Europe’s largest Radio & Outdoor company, Global is home to the UK’s best-loved radio stations including Heart, Capital, LBC, Classic FM, Smooth, Radio X and Gold, with unparalleled coverage of  over 1 million people entertained each week

Growing your business and successfully exiting when the time is right

Barry Gill

In this seminar Barry will share practical advice from years spent helping to grow and sell successful local businesses. The talk will cover growth, investment, sale preparation and exit advice with examples.

Barry Gill is the founder and director of TIG Group which includes TIG Accountants and TIG Corporate Finance. He is an ACCA qualified member and has more than 20 years of experience in finance. His experience spans accounting, auditing, fundraising and M&A gained working with SMEs in one of the top 10 national accountancy firms and some of the largest independent local firms – as well as working as a company finance director.

AI and Audiovisual (AV) working together to enhance business practice performance

Mark Atkinson

In this seminar Mark will cover
- Intelligent video Analytics – how AI can analyse video footage captured by AV systems, and how AI algorithms can detect customers behaviour patterns etc and how it can enable business to make more data driven decisions.
- Speech Recognition and natural language processing (NLP)- how AI powered speech recognition and NLP can transcribe and analyse audio content from various sources. And how business can gain valuable insights into the customer.
- Virtual Assistants and chatbots: how combining AI and AV tech allows for development of virtual assistants and chatbots that can interact with customers through voice and video, and how intelligent it is.
- Predictive Analytics and Data visualisation- How AI can analyse vast amounts of audiovisual data to uncover trends, and how it can be used to help businesses anticipate customer preferences and optimize inventory management, and how it optimizes inventory management or predict equipment failures. Also talk about how it will save decision makers’ time.


Social Value: Value Beyond Profit

Phill Capewell & David Gillin

In this this seminar spend time with Phill and David from Society Matters CIC, exploring the world of social value and its increasing importance in today’s business world.

Phill Capewell
Programme Director
Phill has a background in Lean operations gained from the Private Sector, and when coupled with recent experience in the voluntary sector, Phill brings a unique perspective and ability to create the biggest impact in the most efficient ways.
He is also a founding trustee of an award-winning charity based in the Northeast and was recently recognised with a Point of Light Award for work in the Voluntary Sector.

David Gillin
Business Development Manager
David has recently joined the Society Matters Team, having had an extensive a career in the Private and Voluntary sectors in Business Development, Employer Engagement, and Recruitment. David brings a wealth of knowledge to these areas of Society Matters.


Elevator Pitch Perfect


Dave Cosgrove

You will leave the session with a one minute pitch for your service, your product or yourself, make at least one new friend, and gain an easy new skill.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in sales, leadership and performance coaching roles, I bring a wealth of practical experience to my business. My coaching provides a confidential and challenging ear, encouraging the client to explore their ideas and challenges from different perspectives. The approach is action based, the techniques allowing a deeper understanding and behaviour change.


How to Unlock Warp-Speed Business Growth with A.I. and Paid Ads

Jamie Ahmed

In this seminar explore the revolutionary fusion of A.I. and Facebook Ads to deliver warp-speed business growth. We'll discuss real-world case studies, tangible strategies, and the                 keys to quantum growth. This is not just another marketing talk; it's a guided journey toward market dominance.

Jamie Ahmed
Director of Paid Media & Customer Acquisition, Blacktip Social


Building a Winning Team

Brian Cassidy

In this seminar Brian will cover the importance of creating a high-performing team in a business. I can talk about the essential factors in building a successful team, including effective communication, collaboration, leadership, and trust.

Also discuss how to create a positive and inclusive company culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and employee satisfaction


Meet Brian Cassidy, a dedicated professional who works with Dynamite Lifestyle which specialise in helping individuals and companies achieve the success they desire. With extensive experience and proven results. Here at Dynamite lifestyle we are committed to guiding clients towards their goals and unlocking their full potential.

Whether you are looking to grow your business, improve your career prospects, or fulfil a personal ambition, Dynamite lifestyle has the expertise and passion to provide you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed. With a focus on collaborative, client-centred approaches, Brian works closely with each individual to understand their unique needs and develop tailored plans that are grounded in research and best practices.

Audience sharing - the new frontier of digital marketing

Viv Guy

Need to accelerate your audience growth but social media is too slow and Ads are too expensive?

Leads are THE lifeblood of your business. Without them your sales will plateau. There are 3 ways to grow your audience:

1. Build one (social media - it's slow!)

2. Buy one (Ads - expensive, especially at the beginning)

3. Borrow one (Guest expert - be the expert in established, aligned communities)

Viv is a trailblazer in all things collaborative and she is going to walk you through her unique stance - that boring audiences is the best way to grow your reputation!

She will show you how you can generate 100 new email leads every month by building trust & amplifying your authority to become the go-to guest expert in your niche.

And then she'll show you exactly how to convert these new leads into sales!

In this workshop she'll be covering:

1. How to find aligned groups
2. How to actually grow by 100 new email subscribers every month
3. How to maximise your ROI from guest expert opportunities

Viv Guy is a natural entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses, one with an impressive annual turnover of £1.5 million. She discovered the negative impact that posting organic content on her social media channels was having on her work-life balance and her relationship with her daughters. As a result, she shifted her focus to collaborations and now specialises in teaching others how to use collaborative marketing and audience sharing to achieve success. Viv’s website is