Writing and Marketing Your First Best Seller

14th November 2019 13:30 - 14:15

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Antonia Brindle

Antonia Brindle of Get Brindled works with aspiring and published authors to drive their sales, and raise the profile, of their written works.

She believes that everyone has a book inside them trying to get out and in her section she will talk through the steps and options for first time writers, from concept of idea through to putting pen to paper, and then publishing.

She will talk through marketing steps and options, what is important to focus on, and the minefield that is Amazon.

For the second part of the presentation Antonia will host a Q and A session with a number of newly published, and already successful authors. Her panel will consist a number of current authors including, but not restricted to:

Georgia E Brown – author of quickly selling novel, The Stalker’s Song. which is already receiving great accolade. The Stalker’s Song is a fast paced crime thriller set between the North East of England and Barbados. Featuring main character, widow Carol Bannington, the pages twist and turn between grief, loss, murder, violence, fear and horror alongside the support of two police forces, friends and family.  Georgia E Brown has used her life experience and her love of writing to produce The Stalker’s Song, her first novel, to be enjoyed by all but especially crime thriller aficionados. Those from the region will enjoy the reference to well known landmarks and familiar locations. The business woman turned author has used her people skills to great advantage in developing the characters in this extremely enjoyable novel.

John Baharie – author of  Stick Your Neck Out, a fast paced novel based in Sunderland, South Tyneside and London that is receiving a lot of attention as it focuses on when and how you know to do the right thing. Set in the near future, with a Prime Minister that governs the Muslim section of the population rather differently, the story focuses on the actions of one ordinary man from Sunderland, Paul Robinson.  At times brutal, at times funny –a full on chase and an examination of what bravery really is, in a world where security against terrorism has blurred the lines of true justice. The author, John Baharie, has taken his knowledge of the area and his work split between IT project management and education to create colourful characters that readers can relate to.

Annette Greenwood – author of Imprisoned Heart, a gritty and exciting novel, much of which is based on her experience as a life coach. Northern woman Annette, who is now a personal and intuitive life coach to women, based her novel on the life of Katrina Sanderson, the plot follows a young woman as she falls foul of the law through no fault of her own whilst trying to provide stability for her family. Including love plots, twist and turns mixed with plenty of laughter and tears, the novel shows how when women are faced with challenges and suffering, their true fighting spirit comes through. Annette is delighted to have finally released her long awaited book, which is being bought by female clients, past prisoners and followers of Annette on social media and the web worldwide.