Onboarding Retro

25th November 2020 13:30 - 14:15

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Laura Rippon

In this seminar Laura will take you through –
Learning from each other, Retro style
What is going well with your onboarding process
What could be better/what’s giving you and your team a headache
What’s your key takeaway from what other people have said

Attendees will be asked to think about the three questions above, on a post it note for each question they write an answer. They are then invited to place the post it note on the wall and briefly explain to the group why they have selected it. The retro is fast placed, fun, friendly and a great way to learn and help peers.

To round off the session Laura will ask attendees to pick their biggest pain point when it comes to their current onboarding process. These results are then added to results from the CIPD exhibition and other workshops to create an ever evolving topic of conversation.