Offline In The Digital Age: How Traditional Advertising & Online Can Work Together

14th November 2019 10;30 - 11:15

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El Long

Many companies have got their digital and social strategies nailed. But how do you take your brand to the next level and raise awareness and create brand fame amongst your core target market? Planning & buying traditional advertising like TV, radio and outdoor are sometimes outside of the skill set of a digital agency or smaller marketing department so this seminar will ask you to consider three things;

Who is your businesses target audience?
Do you know the full range of their media consumption habits?
How do you approach a tv, radio or outdoor campaign and what are the options open to you?

We’ll talk locally, regionally and nationally and focus more on entry level media campaigns while touching on some advertisers who’ve started small and grown through using traditional media cleverly. There’ll also be a few nuggets on new targeting techniques through emerging platforms like Digital Out of Home, Digital Audio, Sky Adsmart and Spotify.