More than just wellbeing, how mindfulness can improve performance, increase productivity and stimulate innovation

2nd May 2019 09:30 - 10:15

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Mark Sidney

This seminar will provide an introduction to mindfulness, its’ benefits in the workplace and options for implementation. There are three areas in which training can optimise performance, your body, your craft and your mind.  Mark will be exploring how training the mind with mindfulness can

  • improve resilience and wellbeing,
  • help build stronger relationships and collaboration
  • Enhance performance, including leadership, decision-making, organisational transformation, and creativity and innovation,

Mindfulness is all about the ability to focus attention on the situation at hand with the intention to observe the judgements you make and choose the most appropriate response.

This seminar will provide a basic introduction to mindfulness practice, an overview of the benefits and evidence base along with short experiential practices to take away and use at any time.