Knowing Your numbers

30th April 2020 12:30 - 13:15

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Rob Swan

If you don’t know your numbers in your business, then who does?

Here is a list of some basics, just to get you thinking:
How much does it cost you to obtain a new customer? And how long does it take?
What’s the lifetime value of a typical customer?
What’s your Gross Margin? For each product or service?
What’s your average monthly overhead expense? What was if for each of the last three months?
What is your expected net cashflow for each of the next six months?
What was your Net Profit last month?
What’s the value of your current liabilities?
What are your actual/expected sales for the last/next three months?
For each of the above, what’s the difference between the expected and actual figure?

When you have the right numbers in front of you, when you watch them regularly, and when you understand them, they reveal a huge amount of information about what’s going on in your business, long before any other symptoms appear.

In this seminar Rob will take you through a simple process that you can follow to help address some of these issues.