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Tuesday 28th April

Wednesday 29th April

Thursday 30th April


Blogs: From “Meh” to “Mint!”

Alex Thompson

Creating a 30 day COVID19 Action Plan

Gil Devlin

Be More Social – Social Media Masterclass

Rik Courtney


Putting the Social back into Social Media

Ellie Rees

Win With Online Marketing

Mark Nicholson

How to Franchise Your Business

Mashud Choudury


Once upon a time…The secret to telling your brand’s story

Charlotte Nichols

Facebook & Facebook Ads during a virus outbreak

Hasan Hamid

Discover how to generate 20x your traffic by using Google

David Johnson


How to plan your marketing bounce-back

Ford Henderson

What is a Brand?

Rochelle Groh

How to outrageously increase your sales, profit and profile.

Gary Outrageous


How To Get What You Want From Your Employees

Rafe Parker

How to cope successfully with an inundated inbox

Lara Mellor