Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS) Ltd

Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd (EMS) provide a holistic service to clients around their environmental requirements – ‘Industry’s Environmental Partner’. EMS helps businesses meet and maintain environmental compliance by providing services, products and equipment hire for water and wastewater monitoring, air and emissions monitoring, and services in data acquisition, environmental management and training. Our dedicated innovation department draws on these capabilities to work at the forefront of new developments in environmental monitoring and to provide specialist consultancy services.

EMS’s market is made up of a wide range of industrial and water industry clients, large and small. Our industrial clients are across many sectors, including heavy industry, food and drink, pharmaceutical, power, automotive and aeronautical, construction, and the water industry.
Our advisory services around ISO14001 and permitting overlay our monitoring and survey work. Additional value-added products, e.g. data acquisition systems, give our clients immediate and centralised access to environmental data.