Event App


Our state of the art event app lets you connect, network and find out everything you need to know about what’s going on at Expo.


Download the app free now and enter event code “NEEXPO” if requested.

Get Whova Now

Once you’ve registered for the event on our ticketing system you will automatically be sent an invitation.

Proactive Networking

Explore the profiles of other attendees to get to know them and plan whom to meet with and what to talk about. Our intelligent analytics technology and an internet-side data compilation system will customise a profile unique to each attendee and their professional background.

Exchange e-business cards and profiles by scanning your own business card and conveniently exchange it with other attendees through the app.

Manage business cards by scanning business cards you received from any people. The app automatically pulls out contact information and associates with the Whova profiles.

Send your private messages to other attendees to arrange private meetings and keep in touch without ever needing to disclose your email address to anyone.

Mobile Event Guide

We help you sieve through a hectic event schedule and make your personal schedule by adding your chosen sessions.


Check in at the event to let everyone know you’re around and importantly, ready to network and connect with other attendees.


We provide all the directions you need to find the event and get parking and other useful information.


Use our offline storage to store information including Agenda and Attendee lists just in case you can’t get a signal.


Attendee Engagement

The best place for you to get speakers presentation slides or handouts and you can also take pictures and share them with others through here.


Enjoy the benefits of tweeting without needing a Twitter account. Our social network outlet lets you post tweets on our event’s Twitter page from the convenience of our event app.